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Mineral Wool

What is?

What is?

Is an ecological product based on sand and binder of biological origin, available in rolls and slabs, with high thermal and acoustic performance, fire resistant, easy to apply and to handle.

Why use?

Why use?

It contributes to the comfort and thermal and acoustic efficiency of buildings. It allows a high performance insulation solution that meets the high standards of indoor air quality assessment.



Volcalis mineral wool is suitable for use in construction and rehabilitation works, such as: partitions, ceilings, wall linings, pitched roofs, metal roofs, metal facades, and ventilated facades.


Volcalis mineral wool is suitable for multiple applications, being an ideal insulation for increasing the thermal and acoustic comfort of buildings.

Available in 4 different ranges, “EASY”, “COMFORT”, “ALPHA” and “ALPHA PLUS”, it is supplied in roll or panel, with or without coating.

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Consult the Volcalis catalogs for more information on all products and different applications.

Solutions Manager

Brings together hundreds of systems for walls, linings, ceilings and interior partitions that have been tested and analysed.

Biblioteca BIM

Work with BIM (Building Information Modeling) objects from Volcalis and Gyptec products and systems.


All technical documentation available for download: technical sheets, certificates, declarations of performance, tests, etc.


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