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Volcalis – Isolamentos Minerais, S.A. a Portuguese company owned by the Preceram Group, is dedicated to the production of mineral wool through an absolutely innovative and unique production process in Portugal.

Volcalis offers a wide range of high quality and ecological solutions to the market, contributing to the comfort and thermal and acoustic efficiency of the buildings, by using the best raw materials and the highest technologies with great efficiency and rigor.

This product of growing demand in the construction sector comes to increase the wide range of solutions offered by the Preceram Group companies and, more directly, to complement the gypsum board systems of Gyptec Ibérica.

The Volcalis factory is located in the center of Portugal and has easy access to maritime, rail and road networks. It is close to the port of Aveiro, which allows the shipment of large quantities of mineral wool all over the world.

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The Group

The Preceram Group is a family-owned group made up of several Portuguese companies with vast experience and extensive knowledge of the building industry and the manufacture of construction materials.

With manufacturing plants throughout central Portugal (Preceram, Gyptec, Nexclay, Volcalis, Preceram Norte), the group produces a wide range of products for construction and renovation, and also has a complete and versatile distribution fleet that covers the entire country.

Sustainability is a key factor in the life cycle of the building materials manufactured by the companies belonging to the Preceram Group. From raw material sourcing to post-construction recycling. Reconciling progress and economic growth with suitable environmental preservation and protection measures is a declared goal of the Group.

All the products are developed to be solutions that bring added value to architecture and to people, contributing to health and well-being and facilitating the reduction of energy consumption, both for heating and cooling.

The construction solutions of the Preceram Group promote clean, fast, economical construction, which allows for more flexibility in spaces, improves the thermal and acoustic performance of buildings and improves indoor air quality, contributing to greater health and comfort at home.

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