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The rediscovery of mineral wool. Discover the unmatched comfort of installation with a soft touch.

What is it?

Volcalis mineral wool is an ecological product based on sand and binder of biological origin, available in rolls and slabs, with high thermal and acoustic performance, fire resistant, easy to handle and apply.

Excellent thermal and acoustic insulation, Volcalis mineral wool is a non-combustible, fire-resistant material, free of harmful substances and ensures a safe and healthy indoor environment.

The entire range of mineral wool insulation produced by Volcalis is covered by five DAP/EPD registered in the DAPHabitat System in accordance with ISO 14025, EN 15804 and EN 15942 standards and in the European ECO PLATFORM list.

Why using it?

Because it contributes to the comfort and thermal and acoustic efficiency of buildings. It allows a high-performance insulation solution, which complies with the high standards of indoor air quality assessment.


Thermal Performance

Did you know that buildings are responsible for the consumption of 40% of all energy consumed in Europe? Mineral wool is an excellent thermal insulator.


Acoustic Properties

Noise has health consequences. Volcalis wool has a high sound absorption coefficient (αw).


Fire Resistance

Mineral wool has an A1 fire reaction (it is non-combustible).


Indoor Air Quality

Volcalis has the highest indoor air quality rating: A+.


Low Environmental Impact

Produced with sand and binder of biological origin.
Highly compressible, it reduces the need for transport by up to 10 times.


Designed and manufactured in Portugal

The Volcalis factory is located in the center of Portugal and has easy access to maritime, rail and road networks.


Multiple Constructive Elements

Recommended for applications not only in opaque envelope but also in interior elements of buildings.


Comfortable Application

Volcalis mineral wool has a soft feel, is easy to handle, cut and install.


Volcalis mineral wool is suitable for use in construction and rehabilitation works, such as partitions, ceilings, interior wall lining, roofing and facades.

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