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Indoor Air Quality

Volcalis mineral wool is a non-combustible, fire-resistant material, free of harmful substances and ensuring a healthy indoor environment. It is a high-performance insulation solution, which meets the high standards for evaluating indoor air quality.

Volcalis has the best rating (A+) for indoor air quality.

This qualification comes from the French regulations for emissions of volatile pollutants, with Category A+ being the best indoor air quality classification, meaning very low or no emissions of substances in indoor air, such as VOCs (volatile organic compound).

Tests carried out and results:
Evaluation of the emission of volatile organic compounds (VOC) by the test chamber method, according to the ISO 16000-9:2006, ISO 16000-3:2011 and ISO 16000-6:2011 standards, according to the ““Arrêté du 19 avril 2011 relatif à l’étiquetage des produits de construction ou de revêtement de mur ou de sol et des peintures et vernis sur leurs émissions de polluants volatils”. The results obtained allow to obtain the following classification:

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